Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the Hemp plant, making it 100% legal and easily accessible in the United States. Hemp derived CBD does not contain THC, resulting in non-psychoactive relief for the user. For this reason, Hemp derived CBD is an appealing option for the individual seeking a Cannabis treatment, without the psychoactive effects.

Will CBD get me high?

CBD will not make the user feel high. In fact, CBD will actually counter-act the psychoactive affects of THC. CBD is perfect for those looking for non-psychoactive relief from day to day. CBD taken in high doses will cause the user to experience relaxation.

What are the benefits from taking CBD products?

CBD has the ability to protoect our bodies from neurodegenerative diseases. CBD attaches itself to our CB1 recpetors to help relieve inflammation and chronic pain. CBD improves appetite and eases nasuea and vomiting which is helpful for individuals going through chemotherapy and other treatments. CBD has been known to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells and contains "anti-tumar" effects. CBD has shown to improve symptoms of Epilepsy in children and adults. 

Do I need a Medical Marijuana Card to purchase CBD?

Although most dispensaries carry CBD products, you do not need a Medical Marijuana Card to purchase CBD products. Whauser CBD contains 0% THC and can be ordered directly from this website, right to your doorstep.                                                       

Will CBD test positive in an Urinalysis?

Whauser CBD will not test positive in an Urinalysis. Urinalysis tests are looking for THC due to its psychoactive properties. All of our products are lab tested and contain 99.9% CBD and 0% THC.