Submitted Testimonials


Carter Creson - Mesa, Arizona

 "I feel 100% different than I did just yesterday. Really hard to explain because it's a new feeling. A little isolate and a capsule is a perfect dosage. My knee pain is gone, in fact my knees haven't felt this good for a while. I'm able to walk, squat, run, anything without the pain making me stop. Super crazy cause it's completely gotten rid of my nausea 100%. You guys seriously have the best product I've tried so far. Much love. " 

TDanielle Roth - Chandler, Arizona

 "This place is amazing! My daughter has a rare seizure condition and CBD oil has helped her tremendously, we've used other oils but this company is so caring and convenient and make sure that we get their products on time, which is very important in our case because this helps keep my daughters seizures down one to none. My daughter used to have at least 30 seizures a day! So its very important to have it on hand. We used WHAUSER home remedies while we weaned our 21 month old off of one of her 4 seizure meds...and was successful! Its very important for us to know that we are using a natural product when it comes to our daughter due to her condition and we believe we are getting that with whauser home remedies." 

Lisa Rathbun

 "I have been taking the 30mg CBD capsule for a couple weeks now - 1 at bedtime. I have chronic hip pain and recent hand surgery. I was taking Gabapentin each night - but I've replaced that with the CBD oil capsule. It's not a miracle yet, since I feel I'm sleeping about the same with the CBD as I was with the Gabapentin, but glad to make that replacement. I do feel that I've been able to sleep on my bad hip a few hours a few different nights, and THAT is a definite improvement. I've also notice some vivid dreams lately, and honestly don't remember dreaming much the past few years. My chiropractor suggested that maybe I am finally making it to REM sleep now. I have found myself to be less anxious in the morning, and more energy/motivation during the day to get things done. I'm calling this a success so far, and excited to see how much more my pain and mood can improve."  

Alexis Bohl - @alexisbohl - Mesa, Arizona

 "I've been giving my dog the CBD cause she has been having some medical issues one right after the other it seems. She absolutely loves the CBD and she comes up to me when she's ready for more. She had a growth, it might be a tumor we aren't sure what it is exactly, but I've been monitoring it. I wouldn't be surprised if the CBD is whats helping it out, the growth feels smaller today than it has this entire month. The CBD is making her comfortable to just be alive. Poor baby:( but it's been doing great things thank you guys!" 


 "I've always been a skeptic but Whauser's Home Remedies CBD really has made me a believer. I've tried several other brands with inconsistent results. With Whausers, the quality is unmatched and the prices can't be beat. Works great for my anxiety, pain and general quality of life. Whauser's Home Remedies has made me a customer for life. "